Housing Costs

Living is easy in Rohnert Park, with housing prices well below those of neighboring cities. In Rohnert Park you can live well without breaking the bank and enjoy all the benefits of living in central Sonoma County. We’ve got a lot of options, from brand-new apartments to single family homes in well-established neighborhoods.

Single Family Homes: median price: $515,000

Affordable home ownership is alive and thriving in Rohnert Park; breaking ground with approximately 1000 new places to call home approved for 2016-2017.  Rohnert Park is the place more people can afford to call home.

Renting Costs

Whether it’s new or established homes you prefer, get out and stretch your legs on expansive bike paths and in public parks. Enjoy the mountain-laced skyline and feel connected with trails and paths that embrace a sense of community. The newest homes in the University District feature acres of open space and a 7 acre commercial center. Go visit the sales offices and get a taste of what housing looks like in Rohnert Park. 

Rohnert Park offers apartments from the basic to the luxurious, with rents ranging from $1350 per month for an average studio, to $1950 per month for a 2 bedroom unit. 

When comparing Rohnert Park to other Bay Area counties, Rohnert Park comes in lower for rentals by $300-$450 a month. Come and settle down without settling for less.

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