Specific PlanA specific plan is a tool for the systematic implementation of the general plan.  It effectively establishes a link between  implementing policies of the general plan and the individual development proposals in a defined area.  A specific plan may be as general as setting forth broad policy concepts, or as detailed as providing direction to every facet of the development from the type, location and intensity of uses to the design and capacity of infrastructure; from the resources used to finance public improvements to the design guidelines of a subdivision.

The Specific Plan process must provide opportunities for the general public, as well as residents located within planning areas to assist in the planning of their particular communities.  Public involvement helps define the community's vision of future growth and development.

The new growth areas of the City have been divided into five specific plan areas, Northwest, Northeast, Southeast, University District and Wilfred Dowdell, Specific Plan Area Map. Note that Northeast has yet to be annexed in to the City. For more detailed information on each of the specific plan areas, click on the tab below. 

University District Specific Plan

Location:  South of Keiser Avenue, west of Petaluma Hill Road, and north of Rohnert Park Expressway (APN 045-262-001 through -004, 047-131-019, and 047-131-024 and -025) and the property located south of Rohnert Park Expressway, east of J Section, and north of Copeland Creek (APN 047-131-026 and 047-131-027).

The UDSP includes approximately 300 acres of land slated for 1645 residential units, 100,000 of commercial and 19.8 acres of parks. The Specific Plan document was approved in 2006 and revised in April of 2014. An Environmental Impact Report (EIR) was prepared and adopted by the City in conjunction with the 2006 approval of the Specific Plan.

In November, 2014 the first phase of development for the University District was approved, Vast Oak West Development Phase I (DAP I): Cypress, Mulberry, and Magnolia neighborhoods. DAP I encompasses 399 new single family residential units. DAP II, landscape improvement plans for the Hinebaugh Creek Bike Trail, Vast Oak Detention Basin , and Rohnert Park Expressway was subsequently approved in May 2015.

EIR Addendum 2016

EIR Addendum Memo 2014
University District Final EIR - March 2006
University District Draft EIR - Volume I - July 2005
University District Draft EIR - Volume II - July, 2005
University District Specific Plan
University District Vast Oak West Development Area Plan I - Cypress, Magnolia, Mulberry Neighborhoods
University District Vast Oak West Development Area Plan II - Landscape Plans Rohnert Park Expressway, Hinebaugh Creek Bike Trail, and Detention Basin
University District Vast Oak East - Development Area Plan I - Parkways & Walls
University District Vast Oak East - Development Area Plan II - Cypress, Sycamore, Juniper, Live Oak Neighborhoods (available for viewing and printing, City Hall, 100 Avram Avenue)
University District Vast Oak North - Development Area Plan - Affordable Housing Project (available for viewing and printing, City Hall, 100 Avram Avenue)

Southeast Specific Plan

Location:   80 acre parcel of land located northeast of Bodway Parkway and Valley House Drive 

The Southeast Specific Plan (SESP) is also one of five specific plan areas designated in the City's General Plan for future development.  The SESP includes approximately 80 acres of lands and allows for a maximum of 499 residential units, 10,000 square feet of commercial uses and a 5.0 acre park.  The Specific Plan was adopted in 2010 and amended in 2014, 2019, and 2023.   An Environmental Impact Report (EIR) was prepared and certified in conjunction with the 2010 Specific Plan approvals.  Project amendments were reviewed for consistency with the certified EIR.  Revisions in 2014 included adoption of amendments to the Specific Plan, Final Development Plan, Tentative Map, Development Area Plan and Development Agreement.

SESP Draft EIR December 2005
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C
Southeast Specific Plan Final EIR
Southeast Specific Plan Recirculated Draft EIR
WillowGlen at Southeast Development Area Plan
Southeast Specific Plan

Northwest Specific Plan

Location:    100 acres located South of Millbrae Avenue, west of Dowdell Avenue, north of Business Park Drive, and east of Langner Avenue.  Golf Course Drive West, which runs east and west and bisects the Project area, will provide access to the Project area from Highway 101.

The NWSP proposes a total of 398 residential units, 458,700 square feet of regional commercial uses, 218,200 square feet of industrial uses, 58,400 square feet of mixed-use, 100 hotel rooms, and parks and open space within the 100-acre planning area.

Northwest Specific Plan Final EIR
Northwest Specific Plan Draft EIR
Northwest Specific Plan

Wilfred Dowdell Specific Plan

Location:   The Specific Plan covers a 24.77 acre site divided into Village North and Village South.  Village North is the gross 4.58 acre site north of Wilfred Avenue (now Golf Course Drive West) and Village South is the gross 20.19 acre site south of Golf Course Drive West.  Currently, there are two projects permitted in the Wilfred Dowdell Specific Plan, a 5-story, 163 room Oxford Suites hotel with an associated commercial parcel occupying the entire area of Village North and Amy's Kitchen, located on a 2.35 acre south village site at the intersection of Redwood Drive and Golf Course Drive West.

Wilfred Dowdell Specific Plan
Wilfred Dowdell Draft EIR
Wilfred Dowdell Draft EIR Figures
Wilfred Dowdell Final EIR