Leaks and High water usage

Saving water will help lower your water bill! Locating and repairing leaks is the number one (1) way to lower water consumption, but there are many other ways to reduce your water use both inside the home and outside on your property. If you would like more information on water conservation, please see here. 

The City of Rohnert Park recognizes that there are circumstances which result in the unintended high use of water. Leaks are often silent or invisible. Although detection and repair of leaks on the property and/or the property owner's side of the meter are the responsibility of the customer, the City of Rohnert Park may make an adjustment to your bill in some circumstances. 

If you would like to monitor your water usage or check for leaks by examining your meter, you can find information on How to Read Your Meter and Checking for Leaks by Reading your Meter.

If you have discovered a leak and made the necessary repairs, we will adjust your bill if the following requirements are met:

  • High water usage must be at least 50% higher than the same period in prior years.
  • The Report of High Water Usage form must be completed and submitted with copies of the repair bill or receipts within 2 months of the leak origination.
  • Leak must be repaired and usage must return to normal prior to an adjustment being made to the account. As a result, the adjustment process may take at least 2 months.
  • There must be evidence that the excessive water use was not due to willful or negligent acts of the customer. If the leak occurred and was not repaired within a 2 month period, no adjustment will be granted.

Leak adjustments apply only to the current billing cycle and will not be retroactive. Leak adjustments will occur only one time in a twelve (12) month period if the same leak occurs. 

Water adjustments are based upon the wholesale rate from the Sonoma County Water Agency. if the unintended high water usage occurred during the winter average period, we will automatically reevaluate your sewer cap. 

No sewer adjustments will be granted after the winter average period.

The Report of High Water Usage form can be downloaded online, picked up at 130 Avram Avenue, or mailed to you by contacting the Utility Department at (707) 585-6750.