Key Homeless Services Outcomes in Rohnert Park

January 1, 2021 - February 28, 2023

**Please note there is some overlap between these numbers. For example, someone who accesses shelter may later be housed through a City-funded permanent housing program.**

Homelessness is major challenge in Rohnert Park and a priority for the City Council. The City is taking numerous steps to address the challenges of homelessness. These include:

Homeless services:
  • Providing outreach to connect those experiencing homelessness to services is a first step on the path to permanent housing. More information is available HERE 
  • Building interim housing: The City has developed a 60-bed site for interim housing. More information is available HERE
  • Providing permanent housing: The City is funding several options to provide permanent housing.  More information is available HERE.  

Responding to encampments: The City has aggressively addressed the health and safety risks posed by encampments. As represented in the map below by the green circles, over the last three years, we have cleaned up over 80 encampments. Today, there are three active encampments that we are aware of, these are represented by the red circles.  If you know an encampment not shown on the map, please contact us. More information about the City's response to encampments and contact information is available HERE

Historic Sites

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