Connecting to System

To Connect to the City of Rohnert Park’s Urban Reuse System, any existing or new system must have a signed agreement with the City.  Users must also designate a site supervisor as the person responsible for overseeing the operations and maintenance of the on-site recycled water system, ensuring that the rules and regulations are followed, preventing violations, and for communicating with the City regarding recycled water use. Site Supervisors for a site using recycled water must attend a Site Supervisor Certification Training that is provided by the City or attend training by the City of Santa Rosa, within the first 90 days of receiving recycled water service.

The City has been using recycled water throughout the City on approximately 580 acres of urban landscaping including City parks, schools, SSU, commercial properties and Foxtail Golf Course since 1998. 

The City receives recycled water via the Santa Rosa Subregional Water Reuse System (Subregional System) Laguna Treatment Plant.  The Subregional System receives and treats wastewater from more than 225,000 residents and 6,500 businesses in the cities of Cotati, Rohnert Park, Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, the South Park Sanitation District, and portions of unincorporated Sonoma County.

Santa Rosa treats its wastewater to tertiary recycled water standards (also referred to as advanced water treatment) which is the highest level of treatment defined by the State of California (Referred to as Title 22); this level of treatment allows for unrestricted reuse in virtually all recycled water applications. To ensure a consistent level of quality, which meets or exceeds its intended uses, the City’s recycled water is monitored and tested daily.

For additional information or to begin the process to connect to the City’s Urban Reuse System, please contact the Urban Reuse System Program at 707.588.3302.