Shortage of housing – especially affordable housing – is a challenge facing many people living in Rohnert Park and throughout the state. Rohnert Park is committed to promoting housing for all people, including constructing units restricted for low-income households. On this page, you can learn more about affordable housing currently available in the City, affordable housing currently in construction and affordable ownership opportunities. Additionally, we have included contact information for housing resources.

Rohnert Park Affordable Housing List

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 # of Units by Affordability Level*
Community Name Address Property Manager / Owner Contact Household Type Total Affordable Units Ex. Low V. Low Low Mod
The Arbors 480 City Center Drive Burbank Housing (707) 586-9453
All ages 56 0 22 34 0
 Bella Creek Apartments 100 Avram Ave. Blackpoint Management (707) 510-6079
All ages 7 0 7 0 0
Bell Rohnert Park 600 Rohnert Park Expressway Bell Partners (707) 586-9453
All ages 35 0 0 35 0
Copeland Creek Apartments 101 Enterprise Drive Relient Management (707) 586-9453
Senior 55+ 170 0 17 153 0
Edgewood Apartments 557 Laguna Drive Pine Creek Properties (707) 585-2241
All ages 68 0 0 68 0
Magnolia Townhomes 6920 Commerce Boulevard Private Owner (925) 705-1035 All ages 7 0 0 0 7
Muirfield Apartments 712 Laguna Drive North Bay Industries None People with Disabilities 24 0 0 10 14
Park Gardens 1400 East Cotati Avenue Private Owner (707) 206-5722 All ages 3 0 1 2 0
The Redwoods at University District Aperto Property Management (707) 395-7806
All ages 218 0 109 109 0
Gardens at Santa Alicia 120 Santa Alicia Drive Burbank Housing (707) 793-9270
All ages 20 0 8 12 0
Tower Apartments 781 East Cotati Avenue Burbank Housing (707) 794-9340
All ages 49 0 49 0 0
Vida Nueva 705 Rohnert Park Expressway Burbank Housing (707) 584-3755
Formerly Homeless 23 0 23 0 0
Willowglen Apartments Valley House Drive and Bodway Parkway Burbank Housing (707) 584-3755
All ages 36 6 12 17 1

*To view current household income limits for each of these affordability levels, click HERE.

Affordable Ownership Housing in Rohnert Park

The City of Rohnert Park and Housing Land Trust of Sonoma County (HLT) are pleased to announce we are launching a new pilot program to create home ownership opportunities. In this pilot program, we invest funds set aside for affordable housing in existing market-rate homes to make them affordable to moderate-income families. We are conducting outreach now for people who are interested in buying a home through this program. Click here to learn more!

Housing Land Trust

Down Payment Assistance

Burbank Housing offers a program for downpayment assistance for qualified buyers in Sonoma County. 

Here's how it works:
✅ Gap financing for single family homes (including condos and townhomes) throughout Sonoma County
✅ Program is available to first time homebuyers (Not having owned in 3 years)
✅ Buyers must meet income eligibility requirements  
✅ Program offers up to 40% Down, up to $100,000 of down payment assistance
✅ Assistance is a loan but fully deferred and only accrues 1% simple interest annually
✅ Can be used in conjunction with other down payment assistance programs

The funding is available only to buyers who have been prequalified by a mortgage lender and are actively looking to purchase a home. The funds are available on a first come first serve basis for buyers and are made available at the close of escrow.

To be eligible to apply, applicants must:
✅ Meet the income criteria
✅ Have a lender pre-qualification letter
✅ Be in contract or actively looking to purchase a home
✅ Get on the notification list to be eligible to apply at

Email [email protected] for more information.

Contact Information for Housing Resources

Legal Aid of Sonoma County
(707) 843-4432

Fair Housing Advocates of Northern California
(415) 457-5025

Sonoma County Tenants Hotline
(707) 387-1968

HUD (Department of Housing and Urban Development) San Francisco Regional Office
(415) 489-6400

DFEH (California Department of Fair Employment and Housing)

Burbank Housing
(707) 526-9782

2-1-1 Sonoma County (local resource hotline)
2-1-1 or 800-325-9604

CA Rural Legal Assistance
Sonoma County Housing Authority

Housing Rehabilitation Loan Program

The Sonoma County Community Development Commission administers a Housing Rehabilitation Loan Program to provide financial assistance for owner-occupants in need of repairs on their single-family homes or mobile homes, and owners of rental properties where at least half of the tenants are low-income households. The program provides low-interest loans to eligible property owners throughout the unincorporated areas of Sonoma County and in the city limits of Cloverdale, Cotati, Healdsburg, Rohnert Park, Sebastopol, Sonoma, and Windsor. Please click HERE to learn more about the program.

Revisions to Affordable Housing Covenants (April 2018)

Over time the City of Rohnert Park has entered into a number of covenants with owners of multi-family housing projects within the City. Some of the covenants set forth occupancy limits for affordable units that differ from current California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (“DFEH”) guidelines on residential occupancy standards. The DFEH guidelines currently recommend occupancy standards of two persons per bedroom plus one additional person for the overall affordable rental unit.

The City is amending any covenant that differs from DFEH’s guidelines to read: “The maximum size of a household occupying an Affordable Unit shall be two (2) persons per bedroom plus one (1) additional person. This standard may be modified, as necessary to comply with any occupancy standards that may now or in the future be established by California Department of Fair Employment and Housing’s (“DFEH”) in their guidelines on residential occupancy.”

The City of Rohnert Park invites low-income families with minor children to rent below market rate (BMR) units in the City.