Application Fees & Development Impact Fees

Application Fees

Application fees are used to cover the cost of the City’s review, permitting and inspection of development projects, and are shown on the fee schedules below. These fee schedules are developed in accordance with cost-of-services studies and in compliance with State law. The fee schedules are reviewed annually by the Rohnert Park City Council as required by the Municipal Code.

Building Fee Schedule (Effective July 1, 2024)

Planning Fee Schedule (Effective July 1, 2024)

Development Engineering Fee Schedule (Effective July 1, 2024)

Reimbursement Obligation Form

An Acknowledgement of Reimbursement Obligation for payment of full cost recovery fees for application processing and Inspection Services ("Reimbursement Obligation Form") is required for most permits as listed in the Notes section by the indication of the number 2. This form must be executed in conjunction with applications for these services and/or permits.

Reimbursement Obligation Form  

Development Impact Fees

The City imposes development impact fees on projects to mitigate the impacts caused by new development on public services, infrastructure and facilities. For example, while a new retail center in Rohnert Park brings welcome business and vitality to the community, it also attracts more vehicles with added impact on our roads, creates more burden on the water distribution and sewer collection systems, and more need to ensure public safety services when called for.  These needs are offset through the payment of impact fees as appropriate for the type, size and location of new development projects. Development impact fees are different from, and apply in addition to, application fees.

Development Fees Handout

Development Fee Estimate Request

Applicants may request assistance from City staff to calculate development fees for potential projects. The Development Fees Estimate that is provided as a result of a request as an ESTIMATE only.  Typical turn around time can take up to 10 business days, and in certain cases depending on complexity up to 15 business days.  The estimate will be based on (1) fees and rates in effect at the time the worksheet is completed, (2) information provided by the applicant on the Development Fee Estimate Request Form, and (3) any new/revised project information provided by the applicant prior to the completion of the estimate. The final fees calculated and due at building permit issuance may vary from the estimate. Such variance may be due to new project information revealed in the plan review, plan check submittals and/or inspections over the number provided by the building fees, consulting or legal services not included in service fees but necessary to provide services specifically listed below, or impact fee or rate changes that come into effect prior to building permit issuance. The fee amounts provided as a result of a Development Fee Estimate Request are not binding commitments by the City.

Development Fee Estimate Request Form