Planned DevelopmentThe Planned Development (PD) District provides a unique approach for developing large parcels of land and is intended to ensure orderly planning and quality urban design that will be in harmony with the existing or potential development of the surrounding neighborhood.  The Planned Development District is a specially tailored zoning district which designates the zoning regulations for the accompanying project, sets specific development standards, and ensures that zoning and the General Plan are consistent.

The City currently has adopted two Planned Developments, Stadium Lands and SOMO Village.  To learn more about each PD, select one of the tabs below.

Stadium Lands Master Plan

Location: The Stadium Area Master Plan Final Development Plan (SAMP), adopted by the City of Rohnert Park in February 2008 provided standards for development within the 29.8 acre SAMP area, which is located in the northwest corner of the City. Land uses within the boundaries of the SAMP include: High Density Residential (12-24 units/acre), Commercial-Regional, and Parks/Recreation. Amended in 2013 to include an additional 3.0 acre parcel, the total development area currently stands at 32.8 acres.

There are currently two housing projects under construction in the Stadium Area Planned Development, the Fiori Estates 244 apartment complex project and The Reserve 84 unit apartment complex, both located north of Hinebaugh Creek, south of Business Park Drive, west of Costco and east of Labath Avenue.

Stadium Area Master Plan
Appendix A To Stadium Area Master Plan
Stadium Lands Final EIR
Stadium Lands Draft EIR
Fiori Estates - 244 Apartment Complex Project
The Reserve - 84 Unit Apartment Complex
Residences at Five Creek

SOMO Village Planned Development

Location:  SOMO Village encompasses approximately 175 acres southwest of the intersection of Bodway Parkway and Camino Colegio. The site is made up of three parcels, the large northern one being 98.06 acres (APN 046 051 045) the large southern one being 76.93 acres (APN 046 051 040) and a small northern parcel on Bodway being 0.15 acres (APN 046 051 042).

SOMO Village planned development was approved for a total of 1,750 residential units including 56 second dwelling units and 823,000 square feet of commercial, office, retail, and industrial use.  The project includes adaptive reuse of the existing HP/Agilent buildings and adoption of a new form-based zoning code.

Plan Documents
Sonoma Mountain Village - Final Development Plan - Adopted 2010
Sonoma Mountain Village - Final Development Plan - Amended 2021

2009 Sonoma Mountain Village Draft EIR
2010 Sonoma Mountain Village Final EIR
2021 Sonoma Mountain Village Supplemental EIR
2019 Sonoma Mountain Village Draft Supplemental EIR

SOMO Village Design Guidelines