06/17/2022- City Manager Darrin Jenkins: Waste Reduction
Posted on 06/17/2022
waste reduction

We’re committed to reducing the environmental impacts of our city, and providing residents with efficient waste management services. The city has collaborated with Zero Waste Sonoma and Recology to take the next steps towards becoming a greener Rohnert Park. 

We recently banned the use and sale of polystyrene. Polystyrene items are common forms of litter found in items like take-out containers and packing peanuts. Polystyrene items often have environmentally-friendly alternatives readily available.

What does this mean for our residents and businesses? You will mostly see this ban in effect when visiting food and restaurant establishments. Food and retail vendors will no longer distribute polystyrene food ware. Items like clamshell to-go containers and Styrofoam cups will be replaced with locally recyclable or compostable food service ware.

You will also find that single-use utensils such as straws and lids will only be available upon request. Some establishments may also begin to impose voluntary “take-out” fees for disposable items. Some vendors may even offer credits for using reusable items.

The city continues to evolve towards a cleaner Rohnert Park, but we need residents to do their part. Our local waste hauler, Recology, offers curbside bulky item pick-up for items that don’t fit in your cart, like old furniture, appliances, or mattresses. Rohnert Park residents are eligible for two free bulky item pick-ups per year. You can schedule a pick-up at your own convenience. To set up your pick-up, email [email protected] or call (800) 243-0291.

Recology also offers convenient curbside compost services. As of January 2022, we are all required to separate organics from their garbage. This helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions from landfills.

We encourage you to participate in Recology’s composting services, or create a backyard compost. Random route audits will take place to ensure all of Rohnert Park is complying to the requirement.   

We also encourage residents to continue educating themselves and others on waste disposal requirements and environmentally-friendly practices. You can find educational resources on the Recology website at www.Recology.com/RohnertPark and the city’s Refuse & Recycle page at https://bit.ly/3mk5Z3r.