Southwest Boulevard Improvements

07/22/2022- City Manager Darrin Jenkins: Southwest Boulevard Improvements
Posted on 07/22/2022
southwest blvd
The Rohnert Park City Council recently approved some major improvements to Southwest Boulevard, along with funds to repair the ailing soundwall. These updates will help us address some long-standing concerns from our residents. 

The city has worked with neighbors of Southwest Boulevard to create a plan. You’ll especially see neighbors' input come to life between Adrian Drive and Commerce Boulevard. This is where we will add bike lanes, sidewalks, and beautiful new landscaping.  Traffic patterns there allow removal of two lanes as was done further east on Southwest Boulevard by Technology Middle School.

Along the reconfigured road, curbs and landscaping will provide physical separation between vehicles and bike riders. We hope this will help residents feel safe while walking and biking.  

Along with increased safety and accessibility, this is an opportunity to beautify the area. The addition of trees and other landscaping, benches, and new street lighting manage stormwater, create safety buffers, and improve the overall street appearance. This street is the southern gateway into the city and should showcase the charm of Rohnert Park. 

Repairing the soundwall has long been a priority for residents, and we will include improving the look of the wall with this project. 

Overall, these improvements build upon the roundabout which recently opened. We expect to complete the additional renovations in two years.