Sportsman's Warehouse experience with Rohnert Park is a prime example of how the City's standard process for reviewing retail projects would look like the fast track anywhere else.

Sportsman's Warehouse approached the City in September, 2014. In early November, they met with staff across City departments for a "Pre-Application" discussion. This allows applicants to meet with all City departments at once to get consistent feedback on their proposals, often resulting in a stronger application.

One month later, Sportsman's Warehouse filed the application for a Conditional Use Permit, which the Planning Commission approved in January. Altogether, it took 4 months from initial contact with the City to final approval. In the end, Sportsman's Warehouse upgraded a site that had been vacant for years, resulting in a very attractive location and an equally successful business.

Bill Foster, Sportsman's Warehouse first Store Manager in Rohnert Park, said,
"When my colleagues in other stores learn how easy it was to open in Rohnert Park, they'll be jealous! The City could not have been more collaborative in recognizing the need for speed."