Permit Forms, Guides & Guidelines

Encroachment Permits

Encroachment Permits are required pursuant to Rohnert Park Municipal Code, Chapter 12.04. Permits are required for making an opening or excavation for any purpose in any city street or public right of way. For example, if a property owner wants to widen their driveway approach, the work would require an encroachment permit.

A complete application and insurance information, including City forms, are available at the link below, or may be obtained at Development Services, located at 130 Avram Avenue.

Transportation Permit

Oversize Vehicle or Load Permit: A Transportation Permit is required when the operation and moving of vehicles or loads in, on, upon, along or into any public street or highway in the city in excess of size, height and weight of vehicles allowed to be moved or operated on highways under the provisions of Division 15 of the Vehicle Code of the State of California occurs. 

Land Development Review Requirements

The Lot Line Merger / Lot Line Adjustment application is used for minor adjustments to property boundaries in accordance with the Subdivision Map Act and Chapter 16 of The Rohnert Park Municipal Code.

The Improvement/Grading Permit Submittal Checklist is used as the application when submitting for review by the Engineering Division. The application shall include all the material listed on the form.

Tentative Map Submittal Checklist and Tentative Map Completeness Checklist forms are used when submitting tentative subdivision maps for review.

Final Parcel & Subdivision Submittal Checklist is used when submitting subdivision maps for technical review. The application shall include all the material listed on the form.

Landscape Permit

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Recycled Water Permit