As SMART prepares to begin commuter service, the time to prepare you and your family for the train is now. Safety is Rohnert Park’s number 1 priority, and we would like to provide a reminder that this is an ACTIVE RAILROAD, and no one should stand near or cross the tracks unnecessarily. The train will not routinely blow it’s horn to give warning that it is approaching an intersection, so whenever approaching an intersection, BE TRACK SMART! The City understands that trains are a new thing in Sonoma County, but the time is now here to approach crossings with the most defensive driving/ cycling/ walking skills. Please remember:

    • It is illegal to enter the railroad right of way. In Rohnert Park, the tracks are separated by 6 foot high fences in most areas. DO NOT GO INTO THE FENCED AREA WHERE THE TRACKS ARE LOCATED! You must receive permission from the railroad to access that area.
    • An oncoming train’s speed is difficult to determine and the trains are so heavy they cannot stop quickly. a train traveling at 55 mph takes about a mile to stop. By the time a train operator sees you, it is too late to stop the train in time. Trains running through Rohnert Park will be moving at speeds up to 79 miles per hour.
    • The train will not routinely blow it’s horn, but the gate arms, crossing bells, and flashing beacons will still act as a warning at each crossing in Rohnert Park. IF THE GATE WARNING DEVICES ARE ACTIVE, A TRAIN IS APPROACHING!

Never stand on or near the tracks. In addition to being extremely dangerous, it is illegal to trespass, and you will be subject to citation and fines. If you are standing on or near tracks, you may not see, hear or feel the vibration of an approaching train. Trains are faster, quieter and larger than you think so you cannot always trust your eyes and ears. This is why it is important to only cross at the designated railroad crossing where you see the crossbuck sign, lights and gates which will activate to warn you when the train is coming.

Rail safety education is for everyone. Start the conversation now to Build Rail Safe Communities. Visit SMART's Rail Safety Website where you can earn your Track SMART Certificate by taking the rail safety quiz in English or Spanish, download resources for all modes of travel, and request a free rail safety presentation to your business, classroom or community group.

For a quick dose of rail safety, download the SMART Safety Activity Book for you child. It's great for kids of all ages!

There are also safety resources available from the Public Utilities Commission at