The purpose of the City's fire safety inspection program is to eliminate hazards that contribute to the risk of fire or injury in Rohnert Park. The goals of the annual Fire Safety Inspection Program are to:

  • Reduce the likelihood of fire emergencies and as a result, prevent the loss of property and personal injury.
  • Contribute to the safety of citizens.
  • Control the cost of fire suppression and other emergency responses.
  • Increase the Fire Department's exposure to the public.
  • Familiarize firefighters with all properties in the City.

Some of the items the Engine Companies look for during an average fire inspection in a business to increase fire safety:

  • Readily visible addresses.
  • Properly installed and currently serviced fire extinguishers.
  • Exits that are clear, visible and correctly marked.
  • Electrical hazards, i.e., unapproved extension cords and multi-plug adapters.
  • Sprinkler, standpipe and special extinguishing systems properly serviced and tested.
  • Fire alarm systems properly serviced and tested.
  • Other potential hazards such as proper storage of flammable materials.
  • Emergency lighting.
  • A city business license.
  • Code compliance specific to the occupancy inspected.

For questions or concerns, please call 707-584-2641