Permits, Forms & Fees

Permit Forms and Guidelines
The Engineering Division works with project applicants and their development teams to ensure that what is constructed in the public right-of-way and private properties is designed and built properly and meets all standards and guidelines. Complete applications and submittals make the process smoother and easier for everyone.  Please refer to the guidelines and submittal requirements detailed at this link:

Fees and Deposits
Fees listed in the Fee Schedule below are generally standardized to cover applications for all projects. As work is performed on a project, data relative to staff and hours worked is compiled, and applicants are billed periodically for services performed. When an applicant's project is completed and all bills have been paid, any remaining funds are returned to the applicant.
An Acknowledgement of Reimbursement Obligation for payment of full cost recovery fees for application processing and Inspection Services ("Reimbursement Obligation Form") is required for most permits as listed in the Notes section by the indication of the number 2. This form must be executed in conjunction with applications for these services and/or permits.

Digital Submittal Requirements

As part of the City of Rohnert Park's commitment to convert all mapping to a digital format we now require that all final or parcel maps and commercial/industrial site improvement permits provide a digital map consisting of the following data prior to recordation/approval. If the developer/applicant is unable to provide the data please let us know as soon as possible so arrangements can be made.