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Anticipated Pesticide Application Calendar
  Sign up to receive eNotifications regarding upcoming items on the Anticipated Pesticide Application Calendar.

Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee Meeting
  Notification regarding Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee meeting agendas and other information.  

Boards, Commission and Committee Vacancies
  Notification regarding vacancies on various Commissions, Committees and Boards and application instructions.    

Business Communications
  Created 7/3/223 for sending communication emails to Rohnert Park Businesses as requested by the Assistant City Manager.  

Business Recovery Newsletter
  We at the City of Rohnert Park are committed to keeping our business community informed and healthy in this challenging new COVID-19 environment. You can visit our website at to learn more.   

City Council Joint Meetings
  In order to sign up to receive e-mail notifications about upcoming City Council Joint Meetings, please sign up using the following link  

City Elections
  Sign up to receive information about Rohnert Park elections.  

Community News and Events
  Subscribe to receive updates about community events, announcements and City holidays.

Downtown Download
  Sign up to receive information related to the planning and development of Rohnert Park's downtown area.  

Fireworks - Sales and Use

Stay informed about discussions and decisions regarding the sales and use of fireworks at City Council Meetings.


Food Trucks
  Residents and applicants who want to keep updated with permitting food trucks in Rohnert Park may sign up to receive notice of study sessions and agenda items at the  Planning Commission and City Council Meetings.

Note you will only receive notice of these meetings when a food truck item has been agendized. This amounts to approximately four emails to be sent over the next year.

General Plan Update
  The Rohnert Park General Plan is a document required by State law and adopted by the City Council that is a comprehensive, long-term plan for the physical development and growth of the city.  It is the city's "constitution" for development; the framework within which decisions on how to grow, provide public services and facilities and protect and enhance the environment are made. 

The City of Rohnert Park is undertaking an update of the City General Plan. The update process will guide City growth for the next 20 years and will evaluate appropriate land use designations throughout the City.

Golf Course Oversight Committee
  Notification regarding Golf Course Oversight Committee meeting agendas and other information.  

Hazard Preparation
  Stay informed about hazard preparation and mitigation.  

Housing Element
  The Rohnert Park Housing Element analyzes our community's housing needs for people of all economic levels, as well as solutions for meeting those needs. It is a key part of the City’s overall General Plan.   

Mobile Home Parks Rent Appeals Board Meetings
  Notification regarding Mobile Home Parks Rent Appeals Board meeting agendas and other information.  

Northeast Specific Plan
  Includes notification for any public hearing notices regarding the Northeast Specific Plan Area, including amendments for the general plan, specific plan, and other  development projects.  

Parks & Recreation Commission Meetings
  Notification regarding Parks and Recreation Commission meeting agendas and other information.  

Planning Commission Meetings
Notification regarding Planning Commission meeting agendas and other information.

Project In Canon Manor - 6705 Petaluma Hill Rd. (APN 047-283-006)
  Updates related to the Cypress Meadows Housing Proposal at 6705 Petaluma Hill Road.