Bidders List Request Form

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Please complete all of the following information to be included in the City of Rohnert Park List of Qualified Contractors to receive Notices Inviting INFORMAL BIDS for public works projects. Incomplete forms will not be added to the Bidders List.


1. Today's date (mm/dd/yyyy)

2. Company name:

3. Contact person:

Address to which invitations for bids are sent:
4. Street Address:

5. City:

6. State (Abbreviation):

7. Zip Code:

8. Phone number with area code:

9. FAX number with area code:

10. Email address:

11. Contractor license number:

12. Name of license holder:

13. General Engineering (Class A) and/or General Building (Class B) contractors should check work categories (below) in which they have specialized knowledge/skill, and in which they’d be interested in participating in an informal contracted project with the City of Rohnert Park:

Class A License - General Engineering

Class B License - General Building

C-7 Low Voltage Systems

C-8 Concrete

C-10 Electrical (General)

C-12 Earthwork & Paving

C-13 Fencing

C-20 Warm Air Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning

C-21 Building Moving, Demolition

C-27 Landscaping

C-32 Parking & Highway Improvement

C-33 Painting & Decorating

C-34 Pipeline

C-36 Plumbing

C-38 Refrigeration

C-39 Roofing

C-42 Sanitation System

C-46 Solar

C-53 Swimming Pool

C-57 Well Drilling

14. Type of work interested in and currently licensed to perform (e.g. earthwork, pipelines, electrical, painting, general building, etc.):


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