Community Oriented Policing

    Rohnert Park Police Find Success with Community Oriented Policing Philosophy

    The City's police force now focuses on community interests and problem solving.Community policing is a philosophy that involves partnership with our community to work as a team to keep Rohnert Park safe.   This philosophy of community policing involves all the members of Public Safety, both officers and our civilian staff. Rohnert Park is a safe city because of this relationship between our Public Safety Officers and our citizens. Public Safety Officers do their best every day to protect our community but we can do this more effectively when we have citizens who watch their neighborhood and call the police when they see suspicious behavior. This type of proactive approach to crime is the heart of community policing.

    Crime in a community is not always about what the police do but is more about what a community will or will not tolerate in regards to criminal activity. Rohnert Park has an excellent reputation as a safe community and a city where residents enjoy a high quality of life.  We want to continue to work with our citizens to prevent crime and reduce the fear of crime.  We in Rohnert Park Public Safety want to provide excellent service to our community and keep everyone safe. Help us police Rohnert Park and demonstrate the pride in our City by not tolerating criminal activity.

    “It is incumbent on every citizen to assist the police in the interests of community welfare and peaceful existence.”  Sir Robert Peel  1891