Cost of Doing Business

Rohnert Park is where Sonoma County gets to work for less.

“Rohnert Park is the best City I’ve ever worked with. They listen, they are fair, and they recognize that time is money. They are so responsive that when I’m on the phone asking for information it seems that I have what I need in my e-mail in-box before I hang up!” – Matt Walbern, Walbern Development

Business Rents

Talk about bang for your business buck. Compared to the greater Bay Area, Rohnert Park is a low cost city in a lower cost county for housing and commercial property. The cost of doing business is less here than you will pay in every other Bay Area county. Along with our business-friendly city development department we offer the perfect climate for starting or growing a business.

Wage data


Commercial real estate in Rohnert Park is less expensive than anywhere else in the greater Bay Area.

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