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Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee Meeting
  Notification regarding Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee meeting agendas and other information.  

Boards, Commission and Committee Vacancies
  Notification regarding vacancies on various Commissions, Committees and Boards and application instructions.    

City Council Meetings
  Notification regarding City Council meeting agendas and other information.  

Community Events
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Community Newsletter
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Economic Development Committee
  Notification regarding Economic Development Committee meetings and other information.  

Golf Course Oversight Committee
  Notification regarding Golf Course Oversight Committee meeting agendas and other information.  

Hazard Preparation
  Stay informed about hazard preparation and mitigation.  

Mobile Home Parks Rent Appeals Board Meetings
  Notification regarding Mobile Home Parks Rent Appeals Board meeting agendas and other information.  

Parks & Recreation Commission Meetings
  Notification regarding Parks and Recreation Commission meeting agendas and other information.  

Planning Commission Meetings
  Notification regarding Planning Commission meeting agendas and other information.  

Press Releases
  Receive City issued Press Releases directly to your inbox.  

Public Works News
  Stay informed about Public Works projects and improvements.  

Rancho Verde Mobile Home Park
  Notifications pertaining to the residents of the Rancho Verde Mobile Home Park.  

Senior Center
  Notification regarding Senior Citizens Advisory Commission meeting agendas and other information regarding activities or events held at the Senior Center.    

Sister Cities Relations Committee Meetings
  Notification regarding Sister Cities Relations Committee meeting agendas and other information.  

SMART Updates
  Stay informed on Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit (SMART) updates and news.

Smoking Ordinance Updates
  Smoking Ordinance Updates  

Strategic Plan
  Notification of updates to both the Strategic Plan and the Action Plan