Water Conservation

Sonoma-Marin Saving Water Partnership - 6AM sprinkler

We have good news about the City’s water supply after the winter rains: Our local water supply is in good shape, and the state finally recognized that its one size fits all approach requiring state-wide cutbacks wasn’t appropriate for water-rich areas such as Rohnert Park. 

While there is never enough to waste, residents have done a great job in saving water. We also have diverse sources, including Lake Sonoma, local groundwater, and recycled water used to irrigate our parks and street medians, and landscapes at local schools, several businesses, and Sonoma State University. We also require all new buildings to have water efficient landscaping; offer residents and businesses free water audits and have a rebate program available to residents who upgrade to more water efficient appliances.

 In the long run, even accounting for dry years, Rohnert Park’s water supply can meet the needs of our current residents and the growth we’re seeing with new housing.


The State and City both offer rebates to help residents save water. To download an application please click on the banners or links below or call 707-585-6750 for more information.

WaterSmart Water Surveys for Residential and Business Customers - NEW!

Receive a FREE on-site review of indoor and outdoor water use.  Staff will check indoor fixtures including toilets, showers, sinks and washing machine.  Staff will check for leaks and provide customized recommendations about how to save water indoors. Outdoors, staff will also check for leaks, review existing irrigation, and adjust irrigation controller as needed. Staff will prepare a report regarding current water use and make recommendations to the customer with regard to increasing water use efficiency. If current water fixtures are not low flow, free low flow showerheads and faucet aerators will be provided. Educational materials and information on water conservation rebates will also be included. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call 707-547-1909 or click here schedule an appointment online.

High Efficiency Toilet (HET) Rebate for Residential Customers

Receive up to $150 for the purchase of a new high-efficiency toilet. These HETs flush with 1.1 gallons of water (or less). New toilets must replace toilets that flush 3.5 gallons or more (Pre-1992). Download the application and list of qualifying toilets.

High Efficiency Clothes Washer Rebate for Residential Customers Sonoma-Marin Saving Water Partnership Logo

Receive $75 for the purchase of a new water-saving, front-load washing machine. Download the application and list of qualifying washers. Please note that this program only rebates High-Efficiency Clothes Washers that are listed as Tier 3 on the Consortium for Energy Efficiency’s (CEE) List.

Water Conservation Statewide

The following water waste prohibitions are still in effect:

  • No washing of hardscapes such as driveways and sidewalks
  • No washing cars without a shutoff nozzle
  • No outdoor irrigation that results in runoff onto adjacent properties, hardscapes or structures
  • No use of decorative water features such as fountains, except when water is part of a recirculating system
  • No outdoor watering within 48 hours after measurable rainfall
  • Restaurants and other food service establishments can only serve water to customers on request
  • Hotel/motel operators must provide guests with the option to not have towels/linens laundered daily

The City of Rohnert Park is committed to water conservation. City staff is here to help our residents and businesses conserve water and reduce the discharge of wastewater through a variety of programs, services, tools, tips and rebates.