Equality Policy and Practice Review

On June 16 the Rohnert Park City Council approved a review of the City’s policies and practices to achieve greater equality. The City Council also approved a robust plan for community engagement.

The review of policies and practices will include those related to policing, as well as other City policies. The direction follows Mayor Joe Callinan’s signing of President Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper Pledge vowing to take the following actions:

  1. REVIEW our police use of force policies.

  2. ENGAGE our community by including a diverse range of input, experiences, and stories in our review.

  3. REPORT the findings of our review to our community and seek feedback.

  4. REFORM our community’s police use of force policies.

We will be holding several community meetings on this topic and will post the schedule when it is available.

For more information on the principles that will guide the equality policy and practice review, click here.

We want your input!
We encourage residents to submit comments, stories, and experiences to the City. These submissions will be posted to our website as we receive them. Please submit your comments by email to